All About Customer Call Tracking Software

Are you a business owner? Do you wish to streamline your marketing efforts? Then, here is the article for you! With the traditional call tracking methods being ineffective and obsolete, the time has come for business owners to switch to an advanced call tracking software, filled with powerful features. Read on to find out all about customer call tracking software.

What is customer call tracking software?

Customer call tracking software is a unique, modern, and advanced application. It tracks, monitors, and records incoming phone calls along with conversations in a specific geographical area. Through them, marketers can assign phone calls to the respective marketing channels. This software also lets you receive more phone calls from prospective customers.

What are the characteristics of customer call tracking software?

Dynamic number insertion

DNI allows you to assign a particular number to every online or ad source. The number is then shown to your customers and the visitors who arrive at your website. This helps you to track the source of every phone call.

Multi-channel attribution

This enables you to find out all the sources that led to the incoming calls. Through this, you can check the campaign that attracted the visitor to your website as well as the pages they went through before making the call.

Call recording

Through this feature, you can evaluate the performance of your agent dealing with the calls. It also tells whether the customer queries were solved accurately or not. Call recording assumes more importance for gaining more quality leads.

CRM integration

If you want to boost your sales, then make sure that your call tracking software is integrated with a CRM tool. This integration with the Customer Relationship Management tool will help you in viewing customers’ profiles and call history.

Call routing

With call routing, you can connect your agents with the customers, ensuring that their needs are catered to for enriching the overall customer experience. Call routing is also helpful in boosting the agents’ productivity.

What are the benefits of customer call tracking software?

Provide high-quality leads

With call tracking services being increasingly used in diverse industries including e-commerce, healthcare, retail, insurance, etc., it can be said that call tracking software is offering high-quality leads to businesses, boosting the demand for their products or services.

Evaluate marketing efforts

The software goes a long way in helping you to better understand the performance and related results of your marketing efforts. With call tracking software, you can know the source of the caller, whether it is an SEO organic search or a PPC ad campaign.

Improve SEO activities

By using this software, you can also find out details about the specific landing pages of your website that are producing the maximum calls and traffic. Once you know this, you can work on refining your SEO-based activities.

Analyze call quality

Today’s call tracker software is packed with innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice recognition, etc. This helps you to invest more effort in automated call scoring.

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