Buy the Best Shelters for Storms

Are you planning to buy Tornado and storm shelters in Norman? Do you want to get the best one to ensure both durability and improved performance? You will find different types of Tornado and storm shelters. These are designed with a specific purpose to be installed in a garage or house and to offer you the best protection when you need it most. Many of these shelters offer beyond F5 protection. You can simply install then in your garage from the floor space just under your vehicle.

These shelters come with some innovative design to prevent floating. Moreover, if you consider a reliable service, you can expect a flawless installation. They will handle the entire process from the beginning to the end. If required, they will first prepare your garage floor and then they will installer your shelter.

There are many types of storm shelters. Each one has some specific benefits. Therefore, it is important to understand each type and features to get a suitable one. For your help, followings are the details of three Tornado and storm shelters.

  1. Coal Tar Epoxy Shelters

It is a heavy duty shelter that comes with a high build protective coating to ensure durability. Coal Tar Epoxy Shelters are resistant to many types of corrosive agents. These are perfect at sealing out the moisture. This option is more used in industrial environments. First, it is applied to steel to prevent corrosion and rust. People use these shelters in underground water, on steel vessel hulls, pipelines, and petroleum tanks. These shelters are usually made of 10 gauge sheet metal to offer the best protection from the groundwater. Once the shelter is made, manufacturers apply a thick coat of coal tar epoxy on the outside to safeguard from corrosion and rust. The interior is painted with oxide primer paint to make it rust and corrosion resistant. Most of these products are supported by fifty years warranty period.

  1. Polyethylene Tornado Shelters

These shelters are designed to offer a waterproof, rust-proof, solid build, and durable storm shelters. These are resistant to mechanical damage and harsh weather conditions. Many of these products come with a fifty years warranty to win the trust of users. Polyethylene Tornado Shelters is an engineered polymer. In addition to shelter, this material is used for watercraft docks, boat lifts, jugs, storage totes, food containers, plastic decking, cutting boards, auto parts, and in many other constructions. This material is best for corrosion protection.

  1. Hot Dip Galvanized Tornado Shelters

These storm shelters are made from TEN gauge sheet material that offers protection from rust and corrosion. These are durable. In fact, these products demand low maintenance. Yes, this product is also supported by fifty years warranty by some leading manufacturers like the previous two. The manufacturing process involves with dipping fabricated steel into a vat containing molten zinc. The iron in the steel reacts the zinc and forms a tightly-bonded metal coating to prevent corrosion. In addition, the material will not allow the groundwater to enter the shelter.

All these products are supported by 50 years or more warranty period. Therefore, you can expect a lasting result.

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