Pros and Cons Of 3D and 4D Ultrasounds

We have heard about 2D ultrasound technology and it has been used for decades for pregnancy and other purposes. It is used to find out the overall health and well being of the unborn baby. It is something that could help in preventing the mother from also entering into a danger zone if the baby has not been formed properly. It also could be useful in finding out some problems with the unborn child and decide whether it is safe to carry on with the pregnancy or abort it. We have now moved further from the world of 2D and what we have today is 3D and 4D technologies. There is no doubt that 3D and 4D technologies have their own benefits as far as the quality of images and resolutions are concerned. 4D imaging, in particular, is very advanced and the images get updated on a continuous basis. Hence, you will be able to see all the minute movements of the unborn baby. It is certainly a fascinating and unforgettable experience for the mother and the father and also could help in identifying some problems with the unborn baby. Cleft palate is, for example, is a problem with many babies and the same can be identified and corrected with the help of these 3D and 4D imaging and ultrasound services in Fort Walton Beach. Let us now look at the pros and cons of the 4D scans which are now becoming a rage in various parts of the country.


 There are some obvious benefits associated with 4D ultrasound imaging services. It is one of the best and sure ways of assessing the prenatal condition of the fetus because of the clear images that are available. It also gives a real-time look at the face of the fetus the movement of limbs and breathing and other such activities. Further prenatal neurodevelopment can also be judged much better in a 3D or 4D scan when compared to a 2D scan. This is a test that is performed during different periods of gestation and it shows the behavior of the fetus and also shows the development of the brain. It makes it possible to find out if the central nervous system is normal or whether there is some abnormality.


 There is no doubt that anything that you do during pregnancy could pose a risk. However, we need to understand that the fetus is put to the same risk as it happens with a 2D ultrasound imaging when compared to 3D and 4D imaging. They use the same wavelengths as far as conducting the tests are concerned. The doctors therefore try and limit the test, not to more than 30 minutes at best.

 The Final Word

 There is no doubt that there is a regular demand for 2D, 3D, and 4D scanning facility because of the obvious advantages and benefits associated with it. It is now becoming a regular and integral part of the doctor’s evaluation of the size of the baby and overall health. Hence, if it is used carefully and without too much overexposure, there are reasons to believe that it could be helpful in giving more benefits and drawbacks. Yes, there is no doubt that 3D and 4D imaging services are more expensive when compared to 2D scan facilities.

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