Golf Dress Code For Women’s

The game of golf has attracted a lot of female players in the recent years. Women are often seen trying to master the sport and enjoy every aspect of this gentlemen’s game. However, one thing that they tend to miss out on is the correct dresses that must be worn while playing this game. Unlike the male golfers, the female’s clothes are not the business casual outfits. So, it is important for the women to know what attire is best suited on the golf course. They are required to go for more conservative attire than what they wear in office. Some of the most popular brands of golf lines include Schriffen, GGblue, Lizzy Driver, Sport Haley, Jofit, etc. The standard dress codes offered by these brands that clubs all over accept includes the following:


Female golfers often dress in layers. A good option for them in this regard is wearing a sweater or vest over a polo shirt or turtleneck. Collared shirts with buttons, wind shirt, or a light jacket are a preferred by them for extra covering during colder days. Denim jackets are strictly banned.


As jeans, athletic pants, sweats, or sun dresses are not allowed for women while playing golf, they can go for colored capris of khakis. Black exercise pants are also a good option as it is seen as an acceptable substitution all over. During fall or spring, women on the course wear slacks most commonly. But, it is advisable for them to wear shorter slacks in the warmer days. Another popular dress choice for lady golfers is a combination of ruffle hem skirt & short, called Skort. Usually, the short pants are required to be of knee length or slightly longer.


At most of the golf courses, the women are told to wear blouses. They have the option of wearing the one with or without sleeves and collars. Again, the tops also come in different designs, colors, and styles such as V-neck, long and short sleeved, button down, zip-top, etc. Floral and stripe pattern shirts, women’s long sleeve golf shirts are also used very often. Turtlenecks are also widely used as tops by women


Golf shoes are a must for all the golf players, male or female, on a golf course. Additionally, the shoes must be equipped with non-metal spikes. If the women like to wear shorter pants or skorts, then they must use low or no-show socks. These are quite popular nowadays. While playing with longer Old golf pants crew socks with matching colors must be worn. These come in various colors and designs.


Just like men, women are also advised to wear a cap or a visor for protecting their skin and keeping the sun’s ray from falling into their eyes. Caps and hats come in various array of colors, fabrics, and styles that the female gold players can choose from. These days, designers’ caps are very popular among them.

Proper golfing attire is a must for all the women as it ensures their safety and helps to maintain dignity of the sport. There are various outlets that offer golf dresses for women at affordable prices. The dresses are also available on online stores and can be purchased with just a finger click.

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