Climate Controlled Storage

For many Americans, collecting “stuff” is a national pastime. Between the sporting goods, instruments, furniture, clothing, keepsakes and other heirlooms we acquire in our lifetimes, our homes are bulging at the seams. Often, a solution is renting a storage space to house our extra belongings; sometimes long-term and sometimes just for a transitional period. So, any storage place should work, right? Many people don’t consider the option of a climate controlled storage facility, where belongings are safeguarded against the elements.


You may believe you won’t be leaving your items in storage for very long, so what is the point of going with a premium, climate controlled unit as opposed to just a regular storage space? There are several advantages to going with a climate controlled unit, as long as it is in a reputable storage facility. The most important reason to rent a climate controlled space is to protect your valuables from heat and humidity or blistering cold temperatures. Since weather is so unpredictable, having a climate controlled unit can give you an extra peace of mind that your property will not be ruined due to the fluctuation in temperatures. As anyone from Colorado can attest, the weather can start out beautiful and sunny and then drop 50 degrees the same day. Southerners know that humidity can cause havoc with mildew, while desert dwellers can account for searing, dry hot temperatures. The North and Northeast know that snow, sleet, wind and hail can certainly take their toll, even to items securely locked in a storage unit. All these factors are non-existent in a climate controlled environment, where the temperature stays at anywhere between 50 and 85 degrees, depending upon your items and your preference.


Another factor to consider: while an air conditioned unit might be more expensive, the cost of replacing your property would probably be much more expensive in the long run. Or, worse yet, items that are not easily replaced shouldn’t be left to chance in a too hot or too cold storage unit; heirlooms are not worth the risk! Oftentimes, too, bugs and other pests infiltrate regular storage units; this is less likely to happen in a climate controlled unit. These units are less likely to accumulate dirt and dust, as well, since they are usually enclosed inside a building.


While conventional storage units are usually individual units accessed through a gate, climate controlled storage units Edmond OK are housed in a larger building, providing additional security. Your air conditioned unit will also offer more privacy, and is harder to break into than standard, outdoor units. Plus, if there happens to be a flood, or an abundance of snow, the moisture will not wick into your unit inside the building but an outdoor unit may suffer damage, and in turn, so might your belongings.


If you are unsure which items to include in a climate controlled unit, you can consult with a storage solution expert. He or she can give you pointers on how to keep your valuables protected. Leaving grandma’s 1900th century wood furniture in a storage unit to combat the heat and the cold would be ill advised; the wood will only weaken, warp, rot or split due to expansion and contraction caused by extreme temperatures. The same is true for leather furniture; those beautiful leather couches you spent so much time and money acquiring can be ruined in a regular storage unit. The introduction of any moisture can cause leather furniture to discolor or even mildew, rendering it utterly worthless. When using a climate controlled unit, not only are you controlling the air temperature, but the humidity. Humidity can be a killer to appliances and electronics, as well. Hoses on appliances can freeze and crack or mildew can build up inside refrigerators, washers, freezers or dishwashers. Electronics like television sets and computer equipment definitely need to be kept from the elements of weather or their electrical circuits and internal components may freeze or fry.

Another item you will want to protect:  your wardrobe. You may have invested many years and many dollars into your clothing items, only to have them wrecked by leaving them in a storage unit. Moth holes, mildew, and stains can result from not protecting your clothes in a climate controlled unit, so it truly pays to protect your investments!

True collectors know how destructive excessive heat or cold can be on a collection, whether it’s precious artwork, vintage wine, or a stamp collection. Coveted musical instruments from pianos to guitars to trumpets and flutes can all be affected by inconsistent temperatures. Glues that hold instruments together can fail, strings can snap, moisture and mold can build up inside an instrument; all from not carefully protecting them from temperature changes. Humidity and heat can increase the growth of bacteria on the mouthpiece of an instrument and materials like rubber pieces can break down over time with temperature changes. Wooden instruments, just like wooden furniture, can crack from expanding and contracting due to weather changes.

While clothing, instruments and furniture are important, if you ask most people what their most prized possession might be, a good number will respond that photographs mean the most to them. Family photographs, while easily scanned and saved onto a computer, are commonplace, but actual photographs are still a treasured part of peoples’ memories. You can seal photos in an air tight box but to completely safeguard them from varying temperatures, keeping them in a climate controlled environment is best. Preserving your memories is paramount, and you don’t want to lose these keepsakes to a change in climate. Too much heat or humidity will make photos stick together, and the chemicals will blend together, destroying them.

Oftentimes, people will store their belongings when they move to a new town and want to get settled. Or, storage units are kept to house inherited items from other family members; regardless of the reason, no one wants to suffer the loss of their treasures to something that could be avoided. A simple climate controlled environment can ensure your property is not subjected to fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels.



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