Customer Call Tracking – All You Need to Know about

Customer call tracking is a form of analytical technology of marketing. It helps the business software companies to look out for their advertising, website, services etc. It improves the overall marking strategy of a company by knowing what the customers want and also they can track where their inbound calls are coming from. The right customer call tracking software can help a company in increasing the ROI and can raise the bar for their customer experience, the customer is the king and keeping them happy is very important which is why tracking their calls and knowing their problems and views are important.

The usage and benefits of call tracking vary from one company to another, depending on your customer’s needs and your goals. You can choose one software by thinking about what kind of data is required for your business, which department of your company is going to use this data and how and what kind of process you want to implement on the data.

How does it work?

This involves assignment of trackable phone numbers for each of your marketing sources, which helps you to record calls and capture data and helps you to understand the performance of your company. There are two ways of setting up these trackable phone numbers.

  • One to one call tracking
  • DNI ( dynamic number insertion)

Some call tracking software helps to measure the volume of calls and pass information about the customers but there is a lot more work done by a software.


It is not easy to find suitable call tracking software for your business and that is the reason why knowing its characteristics can help you select the perfect software for you.

  • Call recordings

Reviewing the past conversations for improving the performance is important and call recordings help the managers to do that. Call recording also helps to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts and act as proof if needed, It is important for the sales and development team.

  • Easy to use

Hard to use call tracking software, not only waste time but also needs experts to handle it which also makes it expensive. There is no point in purchasing software that is hard to install or use.

  • Keyword tracking

Knowing your organic customers is important and call tracking software should give you the information if a contact clicks on your company’s website. Giving them keywords makes it easy to search for them and target them. Keyword tracking helps you to get all the contact history of the customers with your company.


Call tracking software makes it easy for customer and business both to understand each other well which not only satisfies the customer but also It improves the inbound call experience. It also helps to enhance the sales, marketing, customer service, interactions and overall communication between the brand and the customer. There are many call tracking software available in the market which provides ultimate call tracking and powerful performance so, all you have to do is to choose one wisely According to the needs of your business performance.

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