Different Types Of Broadband Connections

Different Types Of Broadband Connections

 When we refer to broadband, we mean internet access that offers high-speed connections. It also refers to connections that are reliable and are much more reliable when compared to dial-up access. However, when it comes to broadband there are different types available. We should be aware of the same so that you can make an informed and correct choice. In cities like Clovis in California, you do have many plans available and unless you are fully informed, you could end up making the wrong choices. We will list down a few of the most important ones so that you can take an informed and correct decision.

DSL or Digital Subscriber Line

 DSL is a high tech wireline transmission method. It transmits data quite fast over copper lines that may already be in place in many homes and businesses. It can offer speeds that could start from a few hundred Kbps and could go up to millions of bits per second Mbps. However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind before choosing DSL. The speed would vary depending on the distance you are from the broadband service provider. The more you move away from the telephone company, the slower your broadband connection becomes.

Fiber Broadband

 There is no doubt that fiber optic technology is extremely popular and it helps to convert electrical signals that are rich in data. The conversion happens in the form of light and the light is then sent through transparent glass fibers that are as thick as a human hair. The speed is quite impressive as far as fiber broadband is concerned. The speed could be almost 10 to 15 times more than that of conventional DSL broadband options. However, the cost factor should be kept in mind. The fiber broadband connection may not be available across the entire city and therefore you must check on this before going in for it.

BPL or Broadband Over Powerline

 BPL ensures broadband connection to those who use medium and low voltage electric power distribution network facilities. The speeds of BPL are almost the same as DSL and cable modem speeds. BPL can be used in homes that are using various electrical connections and outlets. It is an emerging technology and therefore it is available only in limited areas. It does have quite a bit of potential because power lines are available almost everywhere. Therefore, there is no need for building a new broadband infrastructure for each customer.

How To Choose The Best

 Now that you have a reasonably good understanding of the various types of broadband connection, you must choose the right one after evaluating various factors. The first and foremost is to have a clear fix on the budget that you have in mind. There are many other factors like the amount of data that you will be using and processing, the purpose for which you will be using the broadband connections and much more. The distance from the Internet service provider also has a role to play in the case of DSL and other types of services. The reputation and experience of the service provider should also be taken into account before you decide to hire their services.

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