Dress Codes For Women Golfers

There is no doubt that like all sports, golf also has some well-defined dress codes. There are many who might be of the opinion that the dress codes might be a bit tough and strict, especially amongst women. So, very actually does the truth lay hidden? It would be interesting to find out the same. We will try and have a look at the women’s golf apparel so that those who are keen on it could get the required information. it would also be pertinent to mention here that golf dresses over the years have grown and changed with times. Gone are the days, when the dresses were heavy, unwieldy and had covered almost the entire body.

 Today, without being overtly provocative, the focus on the golf dress codes for women is towards comfort, style and also focuses on being trendy and being in line with today’s fashion needs and requirements. The dress code while remaining uniform does have some changes as far as the individual golf organizers are concerned. There are some who are liberal about the dress habits for women golfers while others still continue to be rigid and conservative. However, there are some general rules pertaining to dresses for women golfers and it would be interesting to have a look at a few of them for the sake of our customers and other information seekers.


In most golf courses, women are required to wear blouses. It could be both with sleeves and without sleeves. There is no major restriction as far as the colors of the tops are concerned. However, most women prefer wearing polo style shirts. These are extremely comfortable and convenient when it comes to taking shots and moving around in the golf arena. These polo type shirts are available in different colors and designs. They include v-neck, button down and ziptop amongst other styles. They are available both in short as well as long sleeves. Apart from simple colors, you also could come across women golfers wearing them in floral stripes and different types of patterns. You also have other options but there are some exceptions and they include halters, t-shirts, and tank tops.

Sweaters And Jackets

Dressing in layers is now becoming quite common for golfers. Most women golfers wear a sweater or even a vest over a turtleneck or polo shirt. This comes in very handy during a cold day when the barometer is down. It also is common to see them wearing collared button-down shirts and also wear a light golf jacket or even wind shirt. This is useful for additional coverage. However, denim and sweat jackets are not acceptable.


During early fall or springs, slacks are often considered to be the most commonly used dresses by women on the golf course. However, when the weather is warm, then women go in for capris and shorter slacks and shorts and crops could also be tried out. However, the shorter pants should at least be knee high or more failing which they might not be accepted.

Hence, there is no doubt that there are quite a few options and choices to make as far as women golf dresses are concerned.

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