Facts You Must Know about Tornado and Storm Shelters

Tornados and storms are a natural phenomenon, and they cannot be prevented by any kind of human intervention. They leave huge destruction in their wake, with large casualty involving the destruction of property and human lives in their path. Both tornado and storms are extreme weather condition and are associated with strong winds, torrential rainfall, thunder and lightning and flooding of affected areas.

The statistics for tornados and storms in the US is massive

The US encounter maximum number of tornados and storms than any other nation because of its geographical location and its vast size straddling the two hemispheres. Some are of much lower magnitude while others can be extremely devastating and there is nothing that we can do about it. Alerts are given by weather agencies about impending natural catastrophes hitting a particular area. Both state and federal government agencies and relief workers are always prepared for any such emergencies and there are designated tornado and f5 storm shelters edmond ok, mostly local schools or church, structures usually made of concrete, in place in each area, where the residents can seek shelter and receive all kind of relief material and medical attention required.

Storm shelters can be built on premises

But sometimes it’s not possible to go far from home, so you can have a tornado or storm shelter built within the premises of your residence. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), allows 3 kinds of storm or tornado shelters to built in your premises- above ground, below ground and within a basement.

These structures are made of concrete and steel, and the position of these shelters are determined by pre-existing factors like the underground water table in your area. If the water table is high, then making a storm shelter below ground can become extremely costly.

These rooms are built to protect flying debris during tornados and storms. An issue to remember during building or pre-installing tornado and storms is that it usually has one door, and if the room is underground, then if your home breaks or if any debris falls on top of the door, then your way of escape is blocked.

When located above the ground, then doors are built slanting, so that your path is not blocked and can be evacuated easily. Make sure there are necessary supplies inside the shelters.

Tulsa f5 storm shelters are made of concrete, steel or fibreglass, as this are strong materials, which can bear heavy lashing of winds and other flying materials uprooted by the tornado and storm.

Be prepared for tornados and storms

Tornados are common in the states of Texas and Idaho, but can occur anywhere, the same applies for storms. The pre-installed storm shelters have gained popularity in the past few years, with more and more homes installing it. When buying a shelter, check the material and the location you want to keep it in. Make sure these have the necessary certification for FEMA.

When an alert is sounded, make sure evacuate immediately to either the shelter at home or to the communal shelter, as a human life is more precious than anything else.

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