MIT Professional Education launches its first online course in Spanish

MIT Professional Education Digital Plus Programs is collaborating with a Spanish-American educational technology company, Global Alumni, to launch its first highly interactive and collaborative online course taught fully in Spanish.

The course is a translated version, re-engineered with relevant cultural context from the popular online course “Leadership and Innovation for Technology Professionals,” taught by David Niño, senior lecturer of the Bernard M. Gordon MIT Engineering Leadership Program. Launched earlier this month, the course focuses on empowering technical leaders with self-awareness and creativity to drive innovation within their teams and organizations.

The new course enables MIT Professional Education to more pointedly reach professionals across all industries and sectors across the Spanish-speaking world where, according to the international workforce consulting firm Manpower Group, nearly 50 percent of technology companies are struggling to find candidates with the requisite job skills to compete in today’s digital economy.

“As part of our global outreach effort, we are pleased to be able to offer innovative e-learning solutions in Spanish to technical professionals in Spanish-speaking economies, bringing critical knowledge to them in new frontier areas,” says MIT Professional Education Executive Director Bhaskar Pant.

Digital Plus Program Director Clara Piloto adds: “Participants are led through a learning journey of self-reflection and creative problem solving, culminating with the creation of inspiring and motivating vision statements that drive innovation processes across teams and organizations.” 

More information about the course is available online.

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