What Are Underground Storm Shelters And Why Are They Useful

Hurricanes and storms come unannounced and when they hit the coast they do wreak havoc create a lot of problems. The main focus of people is to save their lives and the lives of their dear ones when such disaster strikes. The one and only goal are to find a suitable place for hiding and this is where the role of underground storms shelters Tulsa comes into place. They are the first and last places of safety where you could keep your family and friends till such time the crisis moves over. With the recent incidents of hurricanes and storms, there is a growing popularity of storm shelters in certain areas. There are many instances of orders remaining unexecuted because of increasing demand. We will try and find out the reasons as to why it makes sense to choose a suitable storm shelter.

Underground Shelters Are Best

You can construct these shelters either above the surface or underground. While both are unique in own ways, there are reasons to believe that underground storm shelters offer complete and total protection. But it may not be suitable in urbanized areas and in other places where the risk of flooding is high. Hence, you must choose those shelters that offer complete protection from the vagaries of forceful winds and also protect you from the risk of flooding which could be even more damaging.

Why They Are Considered Safe

These storm shelters are specially constructed and have the capacity to withstand more than 250 mph of winds and can also withstand around 3,000 pounds of force.  This is powerful and strong enough to withstand the impact of an EF-5 tornado shelters Edmond OK. They are generally constructed or installed in the basements or also garages. They are made using materials such as stainless steel and fiberglass. This certainly provides the highest degree of protection from powerful winds. Concrete foundations are used as anchors that make them stronger and safer.

Why Underground Shelters Are Better

Both shelters above the ground and underground are unique in their own ways. However, it is quite obvious that underground shelters are advantageous and safer. This is because debris flying from tornadoes and hurricanes do not impact the sides of a construction. They impact only the top. But when choosing an underground shelter, you must be sure that the exit is not blocked by powerful winds and heavy and hefty debris. This may not be the case with shelters that are built above the ground. However, there is one thing common about these shelters. Both of them provide the right protection to you and your family members from the negative impact of these horrendous tornadoes and hurricanes which could be devastating, to say the least.

Things To Consider

So at the end of the day, if you are planning to build a storm shelter in your home, you must do some research and evaluate the pros and cons. The costs factors compared to benefits must be analyzed closely. You must check with the company and make sure that the constructions that they offer are in line with the approved safety standards. They are not inspected by any regulatory agency and therefore this point should always be borne in mind.

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