Women’s Golf Dresses – Useful Information

Golf is a wonderful game and over the years it has also become a very popular game among women golfers and supporters too. However, like all games there also is a dress code for women golfers. It would, therefore, be interesting to have a closer look at the same so that the readers have some reasonably good information about the same. For example, when they are playing a municipal course golf match women are permitted to wear anything that is appropriate for them. Hence when you come across small golf matches held in local golf courses, you can come across women golfers playing in T-shirt and jeans. But this dress code is not acceptable in private, semi-private and other resort-style golf courses. In such golf tournaments, the women would be required to wear attires that are considered correct and appropriate. Though there could be some minor changes in dress code, in most cases the women’s’ golf dresses are the same across the board. We will try and have a look at the various finer details as far as such golf dresses for women are concerned.


As far as tops are considered, women golfers, in most courses are advised to wear blouses having sleeves. They also could wear womens sleeveless golf shirts provided it comes with collars. Though there are many types of tops which could be worn, most women prefer wearing the polo style shirt. These tops are available in a number of designs and colors. The women could choose between v-neck, button down and also zip top options both in the long sleeve and short sleeve variants. The golfers could also choose these tops in stripes, floral designs or go in for any other patterns.

Sweaters And Jackets

It is quite common for golfers to dress in layers. When they are playing on a cool day, it is quite obvious that they would like to wear multilayered dresses. In most cases, women golfers are advised to go in for sweater or vest over a polo shirt or a turtleneck shirt is considered to be one of the best options. They could also go in for a button-down collared shirt with a light jacket or could even choose a wind shirt which could provide additional coverage. However, sweatshirts and denim jackets are not permitted in most renowned golf courses and tournaments.


Now let us look at the permitted dress code for bottoms. If it is spring or fall, most women golfers prefer wearing slacks because it offers quite a bit of convenience on the golf course. When the days are warmer, they are permitted to wear shorter slacks including the like of capris and other forms of shorts. The shorter pants should, however, be at least knee length or longer. Many golfers are also happy wearing something known as skorts, which is a combination of shorts and skirts. But they are not advised to wear sundresses, jeans or athletic pants which are considered improper.

Head Covering, Shoes And Socks

There is a need to keep the sun out of the eyes and also keep the head covered. Hence most women prefer wearing a visor or cap on sunny days. You get them in a variety of colors, designs, shapes, and sizes. Golf shoes are must on all golf courses, big and small. The spikes should be soft and made from a non-metal material.

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